Update Assister can be started easily if you follow the Video Guidance.



What The Update Assister is.


No Database

No Database Environment make the System Manager feel easier to setup and maintain System Status with reason why Less care points.

SFTP Protocol

SFTP under SSH can supply the Environment that is more secured , and safer.

Multi Target System carable

If You are caring Various System for Various Customers, Choose The Update Assister. Because It can contain and care the Various Systems for various Customers.

MultiLevel Folder Structure care

Update Assister can have multi Folder Structure like Windows Explorer. If Your Target System may have multi-fold Structure, and must be cared, The Update Assister is proper.

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Standard  Price : $500

Only Binary Install and Remote Guidance.  (ESD)

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Preminum  Price : $1,000

Binary, and Source Package. Possible to change UpdateCli Icon.

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